About reviewing

  • Manuscripts submitted to the Editorial Office of the Bulletin of the RAS Ufa Federal Research Centre are reviewed by the Editorial Board members and peer specialists relating to a particular academic discipline.
  • The Science Editor of the journal checks the incoming manuscript for its compliance with the formatting requirements and forwards it for a review to a specialist whose specialization is closest to the area covered in the manuscript.
  • The duration between submission and reviewing is 30 days. This period may be extended depending on the situation and at the reviewer’s request.
  • In order to have the most comprehensive and objective peer review of a manuscript, a special form has been designed, according to which a peer reviewer evaluates the quality of a manuscript.
  • If the letter of review has any recommendations to correct and revise the article, the Science Editor of the journal forwards it to the author to consider them in the course of drafting the further version of the manuscript or to provide a substantiated refutation of the reviewer’s arguments. A revised version is to be addressed for another review if it is indicated by the reviewer..
  • If there are any differences of opinion between the reviewer and the author regarding the manuscript, the Editorial Board has the right to forward the manuscript to the second peer reviewer. The Editor-in-Chief makes final decisions in conflict situations.
  • An article not recommended by the reviewer for publication will not be considered once again.
  • The author is notified about the acceptance of his/her manuscript for publication by electronic mail upon the issuance of the positive decision with publication dates specified in the message.
  • A positive opinion cannot serve as the argument sufficient for the manuscript to be published in the journal. Decision is made by the Editorial Board judging of the substantiation of the manuscript and its compliance with the areas of knowledge covered by the journal. The Editor-in-Chief makes final decisions in conflict situations.
  • The Science Editor informs authors about the reasons of rejecting their manuscripts by e-mail. The peer review process is double-blind. Authors have the right to read the review on his/her manuscript upon first demand.
  • Original letters of review are deposited in the Editorial Office for five years.
  • According to the rules stipulated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Higher Attestation Commission, review copies may be sent by e-mail and regular mail delivered by Russian Post.